Testimonials are consolidated reviews from all of our schools. Also they are not proof read because of our policy to not edit them.


My two-year old twin daughters have been attending Heritage Montessori of Allen for over a year. They have wonderful teachers and very caring support staff. I am impressed that, at their young age, my toddlers already attend classes such as Spanish, Music, Science, Art and Yoga.

Kim C


Our 4.5 year old son has been in Montessori since he was about 14 months old. This is our 3rd school and by far the best school of the 3. Starting w/leadership from the Director position, patience, understanding, and knowledge of children are traits possessed by virtually every faculty member in the school. The school now has a new Director, and she hasn’t skipped a beat. She has even improved upon an already well-oiled machine. We’ve only been here for a year, but the turnaround in our son has been tremendous. Additionally, or now 16 month old son is also progressing nicely and LOVES his teachers as well.

Chris B


I like the teachers and overall approach of teaching and encouragement towards creativity.

Ajinder S


My oldest son started at Pinnacle when he was 4. We have liked it so much, we have kept him in through first grade and started our youngest 3 days a week at 18 months. The staff is excellent and the curriculum I feel confident that the curriculum is setting both kids up for long term academic success.

Angela T


Our family has been associated with this school since 2011 when my older daughter started in Ms. Williams’ room. We now have two little girls in the same room and consider ourselves lucky that our children have received such an amazing experience and education early in life. Ms. Williams was an amazing teacher and now Ms. Metcalf has surpassed all our expectations. Keep up the good work!

Surabhi V


Thank u for sending g work home for g! We had so much fun working in the together and talking about winter, snow and noodles ^__^ talhank you!!

Mrs. Williams and Khan


Teachers ,

You will be proud to know that 2 of your Heritage Montessori kids were 1st place in their respective grades for science fair. I think you will recognize them 🙂

I know in my daughters case, i give the credit to both her teachers who helped motivate her in her writing, exploring different things and researching things. The projects that Ms Metcalf does with her class shows in these 2 winners on how prepared they were.

Thank you for nurturing my little flower while she was with you guys.

Neeta Dave