School Safety

For Parents

Heritage Montessori constructs every school with health and safety in mind. The safety of your child is our most important responsibility and we don’t take it lightly. Below is a brief summary of our various safety aspects.

  • The building has a door code to get in. When you register, you will be given a four digit code to use when entering the school.
  • After entering the building, parents use a digital fingerprint reader to drop off and pick up their child. In lieu of the finger print reader, you can also use your four digit code to log your child in and out.
  • During pickup and drop off if you are uncertain which class room your child is in, make sure to talk to a front desk administrator. Some classrooms indicate where the children are currently.
  • Our classrooms and building are monitored by video cameras and video is recorded during the day. We do make the video available for the parents if they would like to review the camera and see an incident that happened with their child. We will rewind the camera and they watch it in the front office with the Director or Assistant Director.

Staff training

All of our staff undergo background, criminal history, and FBI check before starting work at Heritage Montessori. All of our teachers are trained in CPR, and basic first aid. In case of any emergency our teachers are the first people to respond and are trained to handle any circumstance that may arise.

Our administrative staff has all the children’s records including emergency contact information.  Please make sure the phone numbers and email addresses are current and let them know when this information changes.

Student training

With each new semester our students are required to take part in safety training and on occasion practice emergency situations. Fire, earthquake, and lock down drills are also repeated throughout the school year.