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Our Montessori is now enrolling for the the 2024 Academic Year for Infants to Kindergarten (6 weeks – 6 years). Our Preschool is run by passionate people who are local to the area and committed to exceeding our families’ expectations.

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At Heritage Montessori Academy of Allen, we recognize the dynamic journey of early childhood development. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to evolve with your child’s growing needs and understanding, providing a seamless and enriching learning experience from infancy through to the cusp of elementary education.


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Welcome to Our Heritage Montessori Academy of Allen

Discover the Heritage Difference at Our Montessori School in Allen, Texas

At Heritage Montessori Academy of Allen, we cherish the privilege of guiding young minds and hearts through their most formative years. Our school is a haven where the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori come alive, providing a wholesome and nurturing educational journey for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. In our carefully prepared environments, each child’s unique developmental needs are met, allowing them to flourish on their path toward self-discovery.

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”– Maria Montessori.

What set us apart from other Montessories?

Heritage Montessori of Allen combines traditional Montessori methods with modern facilities and expert educators. We prioritize individual growth, ensuring every child’s unique development journey is supported and nurtured. Excellence is our standard.

Safety & Cleanliness

Your child’s safety and well-being are paramount. Our premises boast secure entrances, and we are committed to maintaining top-tier cleanliness standards in all areas.

Teacher Qualifications

Guided by qualified Montessori educators, our curriculum is carefully crafted to stimulate curiosity, foster creativity, and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Engaging Environment

Our classrooms are designed to be child-centric, fostering a sense of belonging, exploration, and discovery.

Open Communication

We believe in transparent and regular communication with parents, ensuring you’re always informed about your child’s progress.

Life at #HMA

Welcome to a safe, diverse, and collaborative community

Hear From The Parents

Welcome to a safe, diverse, and collaborative community

Based on 24 reviews
Ramya Raja
Ramya Raja
Absolutely loved the school, teachers and staff. They pay individual attention to kids' academic and social needs and ensure all rounded growth. The teachers being well qualified in the Montessori method of teaching ensures kids get to learn and grow at a good pace that best suits their needs. Nothing stops the kids from being able to do upto multiplication before graduation Pre-K, if that's what they want! Lot of extra curricular enrichment classes to keep kids engaged.
Ellie B
Ellie B
I highly recommend Heritage. The head of school and teachers provide each child with top notch care and excellent education. My sons have thrived at the school since day 1 as a result of the wonderful management and staff. I am very impressed with the positive environment they provide the students. The classrooms are massive and have so many great age-appropriate activities to engage the students, an enormous atrium for the children to play when weather is not ideal, and great playgrounds, green space, and raised garden beds and a big play house to stimulate the children outdoors. Plus being able to drop off and pick up via drive-thru makes the process so fast and convenient, especially during rainy or very warm or cold weather.
Nipa AM
Nipa AM
We love this school for our little one and she loves going to school as well. The teachers are loving, caring, provide a sense of security and are overall wonderful people with whom you would want to surround your child as you leave them for an entire day away from you. Ms. Gayatri is a sweetheart and she represents the great care this place provides to children. I noticed first hand how the different teachers communicate when my child did something funny while leaving and the next day her teacher in class, who had not seen this incident, spoke to me about it and we shared a laugh. I do not usually review places, but I value parents feedback when it comes to putting your child and I am giving my stamp of approval to Heritage Montessori in Allen with all my heart!
Shelley Gaus
Shelley Gaus
HMA Allen was home to my 2 children for almost 5 years. (10 mos - Kindergarten). We tried other Montessori schools in the area and HMA became our home. The entire staff are amazing caregivers/educators that made for a safe and loving environment. We will be forever grateful for the experience and education our children received while at HMA. I highly recommend HMA!
Sukhman Preet
Sukhman Preet
Both my daughters have been going to HMA since they were 1-2. Great staff and administration. Ms Simmy Kapoor has been incredible, truly dedicated towards not just the academics but the overall nurturing of the child. Her hard work over the years certainly reflects in my daughters. We highly recommend HMA and Ms Simmy to anyone looking for pre-school for their kid
Dan Getahun
Dan Getahun
Our 3 kids went to this school started from age 3 to Kindergarten. We are so happy with the school's program. The teachers are great and loving. It was amazing seeing our kids reading, doing their math, knowing US map, Worlds map on their own. It was just unbelievable what these teachers fed our kids with knowledge and showing them they can do it. My kids's teachers were Ms. Martha, Ms.Michelle, Ms. Anindita, Ms. Sujata, and Ms, Nimmi. All of them were great teachers, loving and caring. This school has been a great foundation for our kids and we are so sad to leave in the fall. We will miss this school and all the teachers. Thank you all for being a great foundation for our kids.
Samir Fazle Rabbi
Samir Fazle Rabbi
They have an excellent KG and PreK program! We are very satisfied!
Kalyan Jarajapu
Kalyan Jarajapu
Great school
Wylie Children's Dentistry
Wylie Children's Dentistry
Great place ! Very clean and kids love it here.

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