Dress Code

Heritage Montessori believes all students should be given an equal opportunity to learn and interact with one another. By implementing a uniform policy we hope to remove a significant distraction and place the emphasis back on learning and fun!

Not all students are able to afford expensive clothing and our uniform policy hopes to create a level playing field where children from all socio-economic backgrounds can come to share.

The mandatory general Heritage Montessori uniform consists of mix and matches for different weather conditions. Shorts and pants with  polo shirts for the boys. Jumper with a white blouse, and skirt, pants or shorts with a polo shirt for the girls. The school cardigan, which can be worn in the classroom, is required for cold days for boys and girls. For the toddlers and the young (3 and 4 year-old) primary children, the shorts and pants will have elastic-band waist (no buttons or belts) to encourage self-sufficiency with toilet routines and training. The older children are required to wear belts with the pants and shorts.

Heritage Montessori students are required to wear athletic shoes that offer support and flexibility needed for proper development and safety. Therefore, sandals and/or dressy shoes will not be allowed. The shoes must be entirely white with no decorations or lights. Toddler and younger primary children wear shoes with Velcro. Do not forget to label your child’s shoes as well!

Our school uniforms can be purchased from www.academicoutfitters.com and entering in “Heritage Montessori Academy of Allen” or by using the school code TX0976

  • All shirts need to have our school logo
  • Bottoms are to be khaki
  • Girls are welcome to wear dresses and or skirts
  • Navy bottoms for elementary children only.

You can download our uniform guidelines HERE