At the Heritage Toddler Montessori school, we believe that the best way of teaching young learners is to give them their freedom with adequate guidance to ensure they keep moving in the right direction. Children at this age love to do things independently but cannot be left to make their own decisions which is why this teaching model is as successful as any other applied in Toddler Montessori schools across Allen.

Young minds at this age are still learning to make sense of the world around them and hence enjoy experimenting and observing with everything in their surrounding, which is why we employ the use of practical learning. By using pictures, objects, toys, activities, games, and interaction, we allow toddlers to learn and develop necessary skills by exploration and interaction so that they learn quickly and effectively.

In addition to that, we also have a team of highly skilled professionals as teachers who are masters in their field and know how to provide the most loving and nurturing environment of these children so that they learn and grow in the most optimal conditions. They give each child individualized attention so that they feel respected and heard, and also to ensure that each child is getting equal opportunity to grow and become better individuals.


This is the age of independence. The teacher’s main objective with this age is to encourage gross and fine motor skills and independence. Children in this classroom are very capable of doing things themselves and we encourage them to do so.


We provide a constant routine which is very important for children of this age including the teachers.

Self Control

The teacher directs the children to have self-control by giving instructions which they follow. This is done with songs, marked off areas with colorful tape, and significant amount of practice. This is established before the children are allowed to remove items from the shelf. The teachers are diligent in the proper way to remove and return items from shelves as well as how to work with the materials. It is very important at this age for the children to learn not to touch works without instruction given first.

Children are also taught how to walk properly in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. Walking exercises are done daily. The children are also taught the proper noise level in the classroom as well as throughout the building

All About Me!

Our teachers understand that the children’s developmental level at this age is very “me” oriented. The concept of sharing and appropriate spacing is difficult for them but this is encouraged at all times. The Montessori works are set up exactly in the manner the Primary room has but in a smaller scale. We make sure that appropriate amount of materials are presented. If the teacher has too much or too little, then discipline issues will arise. All materials are left to right starting with Practical Life, Sensorial, Math & Language.


There is plenty and appropriate materials on the shelves in the classroom. Some items are changed out throughout the year so the children are excited about new tasks. The children at all times are encouraged to verbalize their needs. A two year old uses 75% more brain power than an adult. The children at this age absorb their surroundings at enormous rate, but may not have the developmental skills to verbalize what they observe. This can be very frustrating to a child and our teachers understand that and nurture during this development.


Each day children have an art lesson in class. Also present is dramatic play such as dress up and a doll house with a mirror so they see themselves as well as a quiet place to look at books. The teacher has lessons regarding verbalizing feelings and discusses items such as weather to show the children there is an environment outside of their own.


They are taught how to properly clean up afterwards as well as how to clean up after works are done and meals. The teacher goes behind them to finish the task, but is mindful not do the clean-up for them.


The teacher is well aware at all times that a child will find a way to get their needs met whether it be grabbing, crying or biting. Our teachers learn each child’s personality and help them to learn the proper way of getting their specific needs met. The children learn where their personal items are in their own cubby and how to take and put their items up themselves. This is done by placing personal pictures and names on each cubby. The children also learn how to lay down for their nap time on their own and sooth themselves to sleep. Our teachers help children very gingerly in trying to go to sleep and do this in a loving and nurturing manner.

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