Summer Sessions

As important as it is to maintain academics and ensure that your children are doing well in their required subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Science, it is equally as important to allow your kids to have ample time to explore their interests and participate in activities that will allow them to be more physical and stimulate their minds in ways different than regular school education would as the world has so much more to offer these young minds.

That is exactly what we focus on here at the Heritage Summer Montessori School. With a host of activities, field trips, outdoor action, games, sports, and extracurriculars, we aim to encourage children to learn through fun. Our activity program has been shaped to encourage consistent learning while also giving students space to explore their interests and develop their passions simultaneously so that they can grow up to be well furnished, rounded off, multidimensional individuals.

As one of the leading summermontessori schools in Allen, we believe it is our responsibility to set the standard when it comes to educating and preparing young children for what the future holds for them in the best possible way so that they may succeed in their upcoming endeavors with gusto. Our summer program is designed to challenge their minds and stimulate them through practical activities that will equip them with the necessary skills required in the outside world and beyond.



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