The Infant program is for children ages 6 weeks thru 12 months. The program focuses on specific aspects of learning such as non-verbal communication, gross motor skills, and socialization. Still new to the world, infants are surrounded by an array of sensations and impressions. Our staff is specially trained to help them make sense of these perceptions to learn about the world that surrounds them.The daily schedule of our Infants program has been designed to meet the unique needs of our youngest students. Daily routines such as feeding, changing positions, napping and diapering are performed as needed. One-on-one activities and face-to-face interactions are provided throughout the day.

Below is an example of a typical day in our Infants program!

Sights and Sounds

We have separate play areas for Walkers and non-walkers. The non-walkers have exercises that encourage rolling over, pushing up, sitting up and crawling. In addition our caregivers work with the infants to track objects with their eyes as well as sounds.

Dramatic Play

We have age appropriate toys for each group. Walkers have toys that encourage language skills. Caregivers use items in roll playing or dramatic play to teach language skills.

Verbal Skills

The caregivers talk with the children in regards to learning how to have their needs met by verbal reinforcement. For example: If a child points to an item that they are interested in, the caregiver reinforces the motion with the appropriate word for that item. The infants have verbal as well as physical interaction throughout the day.

Motor Skills

For the walker section, we have a soft play activity set to encourage gross motor skills such as climbing. In addition, we have toys that promote the fine motor skills as well such as grabbing, pushing objects down and drop/release. While eating, the older infant is first encouraged to grab food from a plate as well as use utensils. Evening if an infant is still at the grabbing stage, there would be a plastic spoon or fork present to encourage them to explore the use of the utensil.

Contact Us

Please visit the school and talk to the Director and the infant Teacher for more information.